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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Action Research Resources for Learning and Teaching

Yesterday I attended a masterclass by Professor Jack Whitehead at the University of Wales, Newport, on action research in learning and teaching, and I just thought I’d disseminate a few of the resources (they would be useful to know about for staff development as action research is an excellent way for improving one’s own teaching skills, and is an assessed part of many PGCert HE courses).

• Prof Whitehead has created a website http://www.actionresearch.net/ that hosts a number of free resources, including access to the theses of all his PhD students, which he calls Living Theory theses.

• There is a link to the open-access Educational Journal of Living Theories, which publishes multimedia peer-reviewed paper – it’s worth having a look at some of the titles as they are insightful.

• There is also a link to a JISCMail listserv you can sign up for to join the Practitioner-Researcher community.

• Finally, one of his co-workers, Jean McNiff, has a useful website too: http://www.jeanmcniff.com/

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